Having a community to grow with is a special thing.

We want to produce high quality wellness experiences for every hour of your day.

Production Quality

We approach everything we create with care. Whether serious, light-hearted, or sweaty – we produce it with thoughtfulness and quality in mind. It’s not just about making sure we give you what you paid for. It’s about making sure you walk away with something worth your time and energy. Something you can grow or take a necessary deep breath with. Something that works.


Nothing great happens without listening and learning. We want to remain open-minded when it comes to what we create, the topics we dive into, and how we speak to our community. Our audience matters most, and we want to be willing to pivot, correct ourselves, and explore new things if it benefits you.

Kind Spirit

We’re keeping positivity and kindness at the forefront. We feel we can address important wellness, human and social topics of all kinds while still doing so with empathy and goodwill. We want to remain a welcoming company, and keeping kindness in mind is how we’ll do that.


This is what wellness means to us as a company.

We are a modern wellness production company creating virtual experiences that foster happier and healthier human beings. To us, wellness, is the process of being open to personal growth and the changes, activities, or habits that are necessary in achieving that growth.

Although fitness is at the core of our company, we view wellness as a much larger picture. As we continue to production content and experiences for our community, we plan to target topics within these following dimensions of wellness:


physical, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, social, and spiritual.


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Virginia Beach


Essex, Vermont


Here's what our subscribers have to say about LYFE.

I love all the workouts so far and I'm so excited to check out everything else! I Love the atmosphere you all created, everyone is so welcoming and kind! The trainers are knowledgable and nice!

Gabrielle Hunsberger

Subscriber, Philadelphia PA

I just want to sit on these couches with these people and talk about all life things! I love their conversations and hearing all different perspectives.

Tracey Liebenow

Subscriber, Essex Vermont

I tried an online workout platform a year ago and wasn't a fan because the workouts seemed very cheesy. I love how these workouts include simple, but complex movements.

Lauryn Blanding

Subscriber, Irmo SC

Doc says.

A letter from our founder.

I just don’t think we can underestimate how much of our lives revolve around getting and staying healthy. It really is (or can be) the center of the tootsie roll pop. We love the thing that keeps us healthy. We love the people that help us get there. But, even more – we trust them. We trust that space. We trust that thing.

Even back in 2006 when I first worked as the personal trainer manager at a gym in Auburn, Alabama, it was clear as day just how much reverence those members had for the people who “kept space” for their wellness. They associated us with something that made them  happy; something they were growing with. That had meaning.

With LYFE, I want to take that same trust and expand on it – ten fold. I believe the trust our subscribers have in our ability to get and keep them healthy is the same kind of trust they will put in us to study, produce, and present on all the other topics that make up our human day-to-day.

Not that we are, or have to be, experts in all of those topics; those different dimensions of wellness. But more-so, that we can explore them honestly and authentically, using our own curiosity, blending that with our ability to produce and create around what we feel/learn, and present it to them in a valuable and entertaining way.

It would make me so incredibly pleased to create a company/community that people can turn to, any hour of the day, to consume something that they know is good for them. To foster their growth. To make them feel good.

That’s what I want to accomplish here.

LYFE At Home, Founder & Creative Director